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Wolverine Property Map

Comprising 14,385 acres the Wolverine property is situated in west-central Chippewa County in Michigan’s eastern Upper Peninsula. The property is separated into two compartments, each of which is mostly contiguous, with Individual tracts ranging from 40 acres to 7,050 acres.

Property Details

Property Name Wolverine
State MI
County Chippewa
Total Acres 14,385.00
Coordinates  N 46° 13′ 44″ W 85° 22′ 27″
Acquisition Date  2008-12-19
Previous Owner  Plum Creek
Dominant Forest Type  Mix of Pine Plantation, Aspen and Lowland Conifer
Managing Consultant  Grossman Forestry
Address 1013 S. Newberry Avenue  Newberry, MI – 49868
Phone  (906) 293-8707


The Eckerman Compartment, comprising 8,830 acres, is located on the northwest edge of the Hiawatha National Forest’s east unit, near the town of Eckerman, MI. The 5,690 acre Sullivan Creek compartment is situated southwest of Raco, MI, in the heart of the Hiawatha NF east unit and is surrounded on all sides by NF property.


This Heartwood Forestland Fund VI (HFF VI) property was purchased from Plum Creek Timberlands in late 2009. Prior to Plum Creek, Escanaba Paper Company, a division of Mead Corporation managed the lands primarily as a source of raw material for their paper mill. A significant amount of the land was converted from natural forests to plantations by Mead. Plum Creek continued with a similar intensive management program.

Timber Resource

This property has a variety forest types, including northern hardwoods, spruce/fir, lowland conifer mixes and plantations of tamarack, red pine, aspen and European Larch. Previous management by Mead and Plum Creek was fairly intense, and included site conversions to planted softwoods. Very few stands held timber in the sawtimber class at the time of acquisition. Timber management will maintain most stands in their current forest type, however as stands mature, some will be returned to a more natural mix of native species.

Public Use

Most of the Wolverine property is enrolled in the Commercial Forest program.  As such, they are open to the public for Hunting, Fishing and Trapping.  Legal access by the public to these lands is at minimum by foot.  Many road systems remain open for vehicular access, but some have been blocked with rock or earth berms or are gated to protect the resource.  Motorized vehicles (including ORV’s) are not permitted beyond closed gates and berms.  Hunting blinds on the Wolverine lands are to be portable in nature and removed daily.  Tree stands and steps must be strap on, and may not penetrate the trees bark.  No cutting of trees, limbs or brush is permitted for creation of shooting lanes or blinds.  Camping, camp fires, firewood collection, dragging of roads, and dumping are not permitted on the property.  Additional restrictions may apply to certain tracts and will be posted as such.

Property Documents