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Somerset Property Map

The Somerset property is comprised of 8,098 acres of surface ownership composed of thirty-three scattered tracts located in south central Kentucky,in Casey, Cumberland, Pulaski and Wayne counties, about 100 miles south of Lexington. Some of the tracts are adjoining or are in close proximity to one another creating management clusters. The property will be managed as commercial timberland.  Oil and natural gas development occur throughout the region and some historical mineral development activity is present on and near some of the tracts. Some tracts have active hunting leases in place while others will be made available as the ownership progresses.

Property Details

Property Name Somerset
State Kentucky
County Casey, Cumberland, Pulaski, Wayne
Total Acres 8,098.00
Coordinates  N 36-55 W 84-43
Acquisition Date  August 15, 2014
Previous Owner  Cumberland Woodlands, LLC
Dominant Forest Type  Appalachian Hardwoods
Managing Consultant  Landmark Forestry, LLC
Address P. O. Box 503  Horner, WV – 26372
Phone  (304) 269-4831


The economic area isconsidered within the Appalachian Regional Commission region – west centralrural Appalachia.  Agriculture, forestry,mining and hydrocarbon development are common throughout the region.  Recreation and tourism is also a significantindustry in the local area with the presence of TVA’s Lake Cumberland, which isa very popular fishing, boating, swimming and recreational attraction.   Other public and private parks and forestsare in the vicinity include: Daniel Boone National Forest, Lake CumberlandState Resort Park, Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, Dale Hollow State ResortPark and General Burnside Island State Park. The property is centered at 36° 55’north latitude, and 84° 43’ west longitude.


The property was purchased inAugust of 2014 from Cumberland Woodlands LLC. The landowner history of thesetracts includes individuals and families. The previous landowner acquired the individual tracts that comprise theproperty over the previous 35 years or so. Heartwood Forestland Fund VIII did not purchase the mineral rights.

Timber Resource

The primary forest covertypes are typical mixed Appalachian hardwoods including species such as whiteoak, red oak, chestnut oak, yellow poplar and hickory, which combined compriseover 66% of the stocking.  Hard and softmaples comprise another 10% of the volume. Almost half the timber volume is considered low grade. Timber harvestinghas occurred on some of these tracts within the past few years.  Natural regeneration is successful.  Impacts to successful natural regeneration bywhite tailed deer browsing are expected to be minimal.

Property Documents