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Sheridan Property Map

The Sheridan acquisition consists of surface and timber rights on 7,331 acres in three southern Arkansas counties—Cleveland, Dallas, and Grant.  The property lies in the Upper Gulf Coastal Plain geographic region and is divided into 4 tracts positioned along major creek bottoms. Natural uplands that are 90% hardwoods, hardwood bottomland, and upland pine plantations comprise the timberland.   The forest is 47% uplands, 34% bottomland, and 18% plantation. The property has been managed as commercial timberland for many years.  An assortment of local hunting clubs leases the entire acreage.

Property Details

Property Name Sheridan
State AR
County Cleveland, Dallas, Grant
Total Acres 7,331.00
Coordinates N 34°17’25” W 92°20’59”
Acquisition Date 2011-02-15
Previous Owner RMS
Dominant Forest Type Bottomland hardwoods
Managing Consultant Larson & McGowin, Inc
Address 214 North Washington, Suite 309  El Dorado, AR – 71730
Phone (870)-875-1663


The Sheridan Property is broken into four tracts located in three counties in south-central Arkansas; Cleveland, Dallas, and Grant. The tracts are oriented along the hardwood bottoms of Derrieusseaux Creek, Hurricane Creek, and Tulip Creek.

The nearest towns to the tracts include Pine Bluff, Sheridan, and Fordyce. Major highways providing access to the tracts include US 270 and US 167 west of Pine Bluff, US 79 north of Fordyce, and AR Hwy 7 south of Sparkman.


TFG purchased the Sheridan tracts from RMS in February 2011. RMS purchased the property from International Paper in 2006. This property has been managed as commercial timberland for several decades as International Paper owned the tracts in separate acquisitions ranging betweeen the 1920s and 1950s.

Timber Resource

The timber mix on Sheridan leans heavily towards hardwoods as they make up 75% of total volume; separately pine sawtimber makes up 14% of the total. Just under half of the hardwood volume is sawtimber.  83% of the total volume is found in natural stands, which are predominately (90%) hardwood. The property has approximately 864 acres of pre-merchantable pine plantations.

Primary species include sweetgum, bald cypress, red and white oaks, loblolly pine, and various soft hardwood species.


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