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New River Valley

New River Valley Property Map

The New River Valley property is comprised of 20,751 acres in 46 scattered tracts from northern West Virginia all the way into Eastern Kentucky. The tracts are located in 18 counties in West Virginia and Pike County Kentucky. 7 larger tracts over 1200 acres in size contain 80% of the acreage, with the remaining 39 smaller tracts contributing to the remaining acres. The property will be managed as commercial timberland and hunting leases will be made available. Coal and natural gas have been developed throughout the region and some remnants of past mining can be found scattered throughout the tracts. However, oil and gas appears to be the only active mineral extraction at this time.


Property Details

Property Name New River Valley
State WV, KY
County WV – Marshall, Wetzel, Marion, Harrison, Lewis, Randolph, Upshur, Gilmer, Calhoun, Roane, Braxton, Webster, Clay, Kanawha, Lincoln, Greenbrier, Fayette, Raleigh; KY – Pike
Total Acres 20,751
Coordinates  -80 57.73, 38 41.05
Acquisition Date  December 8, 2012
Previous Owner  National Timber Partners
Dominant Forest Type  Appalachian Hardwoods
Managing Consultant  Landmark Forestry, LLC
Address  P.O. Box 503, Horner, WV 26372
Phone  304-269-4831


The property is located within the heart of the Appalachian Regional Commission region central rural Appalachia. Mineral and timber development have been very common in the region. Property runs from Marshall County in northern West Virginia all the way south into Pike County in eastern Kentucky. Due to the scattered nature of the property there are numerous larger public and private ownerships which include Kumbrabow.State Forest, Babcock State Park, New River Gorge, Summit Bechtel Boy Scout National Camp, Plum Creek Timberlands, Coastal Timberlands, Penn Virginia Operating, Nuttall LLC and Pocahontas Land Corporation to name a few.


The property was purchased on December 8, 2012 from National Timber Partners which had purchased most of the property from the Jim C. Hamer Company. Hamer put the property together by acquiring from individuals, families, and corporate timber, coal, oil and gas entities.

Timber Resource

The primary cover types are typical mixed Appalachian hardwoods with half of the overall volume consisting of yellow poplar, red oak, chestnut oak and soft maple. Timber harvesting has occurred on these tracts within the five years. Natural regeneration is successful and very little impact from wildlife or invasive pest is expected.

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