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Muskingum River

Muskingum River Property Map

The Muskingum River property is comprised of 4,683 acres found in twenty-two (22) separate tracts scattered through east central Ohio to west central West Virginia along the Ohio River. The tracts are in 5 different counties in Ohio and 2 different counties in West Virginia. Only 4 tracts are larger than 400 acres with the majority of the tracts being less than 200 acres. Most of the tracts are old farms that had open areas converted to white pine plantations. The property will be managed as a commercial timberland property. Hunting leases will be available on this property. There is some coal and oil & gas development throughout the region with some of the oil & gas being recently. Several gas wells are currently active on the property.

Property Details

Property Name Muskingum River
State OH, WV
County OH – Noble, Monroe, Washington, Athens, Morgan; WV – Wetzel, Ritchie
Total Acres 4,683 Acres
Acquisition Date 2012-08-09
Previous Owner
Dominant Forest Type
Managing Consultant Landmark Forestry, LLC
Address P. O. Box 503  Horner, WV – 26372
Phone (304)-269-4831


The property is located within the heart of the Appalachian Regional Commission region along the Muskingum and Ohio River watersheds. Mineral and timber development is common throughout the region. The property is surrounded mostly by small farms and woodland owners but does have several larger landowners like Wayne National Forest, Zalenski State Forest, Strouds Run State Park and B & N Coal.


The property was purchased on August 9, 2012 from Milton Timber Holdings, LLC.  Milton Timber Holdings, LLC bought Milton Timber from Donald Morris in 2009. The property was purchased over many years from Donald Morris as a land base for his mill in Ohio. Most of the properties were previously old farms.

Timber Resource

The primary timber resource is good quality Appalachian hardwoods with half of the total volume being yellow poplar, red oak, soft maple and white oak. There are some scattered white pine plantations that were the result of the prior owner planting some abandoned farm fields. A good deal of timber harvesting has taken place over the last four years. There does not seem to be any issues deterring natural regeneration.

Property Documents