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Lock 8

Lock 8 Property Map

This property contains 6,992 acres largely in hardwood bottomland along the Ouachita River in Union County Arkansas.  Most of the property is in various stages of natural hardwood timber, merchantable and pre-merchantable.  Due to the heavy use of the river in this area, and in the large river frontage, this is an attractive property for wildlife uses and recreation.

Property Details

Property Name Lock 8
State AR
County Union, Calhoun
Total Acres 6,992.00
Coordinates N 33° 18′ 1″ W 92° 25′ 40″
Acquisition Date 2007-12-21
Previous Owner Bradley Lumber
Dominant Forest Type Bottomland hardwood
Managing Consultant Larson & McGowin, Inc
Address 214 North Washington, Suite 309  El Dorado, AR – 71730
Phone (870)-875-1663


The Lock 8 property is a tract located four air miles southeast (down river) of Calion, Arkansas, or 12 miles northeast of El Dorado.  It lies on the north bank of the Ouachita River with most of the tract in Township 16 South, Range 13 West.  An unpaved public road provides access at the western boundary. Unimproved roads provide internal access.


The property was purchased from Dr. Chambers (owner of the present day Bradley Lumber Company).  Dr. Chambers acquired the property from the Potlatch Corporation.  Potlatch purchased the land from the old Bradley Lumber Company in the 1950’s.  The Bradley Lumber Company acquired most of this tract and other lands in the 1920’s from the Freeman-Smith Lumber Company.  The tract has been primarily managed over the past 90 years with a primary goal of producing quality hardwood sawtimber. After the sale from Potlatch to Dr. Chambers, there was a significant increase in clearcutting of larger areas rather than the selective cutting and small patch clear cutting used by Potlatch for management purposes.

Timber Resource

The major stands comprising this property are 1,411 acres in young natural hardwood regeneration, 576 acres of pre-merchantable hardwood, 499 acres of pulpwood sized hardwood, 2,688 acres of hardwood sawtimber, 133 acres in a sawtimber sized hardwood-pine stand, and 266 acres in pre-merchantable pine plantation.  There are 1,122 board feet per acre of sawtimber and 18 tons per acre of pulpwood.  The major species include oak, gum, hickory, and ash along with minor components of cypress, beech and maple.  Management of the better drained bottoms will target red oak as the desired species. The pine plantations contain loblolly pine.

Property Documents