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Laguna Seca

Laguna Seca Property Map

Laguna Seca Land (LSL) is the owner of 104,526 acres of land in the Orange Walk District of Belize. LSL operates its timber management enterprise under a long time private forest permit issued by the Belize Forest Department an approved by the Minister responsible for forestry on January 14, 2015. The long term forest permit is valid for a forty years.

The Forestland Group, LLC has the following management objectives for the management unit.

  • Manage in accordance with the Principles and Criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • In addition, LSL and/or contractors on LSL’s behalf will not implement activities that blatantly conflict with the FSC P&C on forest areas outside of the forest management unit.
  • Harvest the wood products in a sustainable way with minimal impact to the forest.
  • Protect the forest from illegal harvesting, settlement and other unauthorized activities.
  • Preserve archeological resources.



Property Details

Property Name Laguna Seca
State Belize, C.A.
County  Cayo, Orange Walk districts
Total Acres  104,526
Coordinates N 17° 37′ 51″ W 88° 59′ 28″
Acquisition Date  November 2012
Previous Owner  Gallon Jug Agroindustry
Dominant Forest Type  Tropical Hardwoods
Managing Consultant  Internal Staffing Yalbac
Address  Box 700 Spanish Lookout, BZ-
Phone  011-501-823-0426


The LSL property is located within the southwest corner of the Orange Walk district, just North of Belmopan, the capital city of Belize.   The area experiences a sub-tropical moist climate with marked wet and dry seasons. It is part of a trans-boundary complex of forested areas including the Calakmul and Maya Biosphere Reserves (respectively, in Mexico and Guatemala) lying within a forest block extending over 4 million acres. This is the largest remaining forested area in Central America.


Laguna Seca Land was once part of the Belize Estate Company’s (BEC) forestlands and has a long history of active management. It was acquired from Gallon Jug Agroindustry in 2012 by Heartwood Forestland Fund VII, and investment fund managed by The Forestland Group, LLC. The international headquarters of The Forestland Group, LLC are in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Timber Resource

Approximately 18% of the Laguna Seca forest area is classified as productive forest. The remainder is classified as forests with High Conservation Values and will be managed as such. The basic management subdivision for the productive forest on Laguna Seca is the compartment. Compartments have been standardized into average blocks of 100 hectares based on the UTM grid.

Timber species on Laguna Seca have been grouped according to the Belize national standard for timber species, grouping. Specifically, prime, elite and select.   There are approximately 17 merchantable species on the Laguna Seca property.


Prime Elite Select
Mahogany Red Mylady Sapodilla
Cedar Black Poisonwood Sillon (Red)
Black Cabbage Bark Santa Maria
Bastard Rosewood Nargusta
Barbajolote Redwood
Hobillo Bullet Tree
Granadillo Billywebb

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