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Hull Daisetta Copy

The property consists of eight (8) mostly contiguous tracts containing a total of approximately 2,241 acres.  These individual parcels are either mostly or entirely wooded and generally have very little slope.  The flat ground is wet-natured which makes operability in the natural stands often a challenge.  The forest is comprised primarily of natural hardwood stands, mixed hardwood-pine stands and pine plantations.  Extensive oil and gas production and exploration occurs on the property.  A substantial improved and surfaced road network extends throughout the property.

Property Details

Property Name Hull Daisetta
State TX
County Liberty, Hardin
Total Acres 2,241.00
Coordinates N 30° 6′ 29″ W 94° 34′ 47″
Acquisition Date 2001-12-14
Previous Owner Southern Pine Plantations
Dominant Forest Type Lowland hardwood-pine
Managing Consultant Champion Forest Resource Mgt., Inc.
Address 1314 10th Street, Suite 250 P. O. Box 1478  Huntsville, TX – 77320
Phone (936)-291-2600


The Hull Daisetta property lies in southeastern Texas about 40 miles east of Houston just outside the town on Daisetta.  Most of the property rests in Liberty county– just north of US Highway 90. The main access to the property can be found off the Gates road which originates in the town of Devers just south of the property.  Some parcels are accessible from county roads and others require passage through adjacent landowners.


The property has a history of timber production and farming.  During the late 1800’s major agricultural enterprises were cattle ranching and timber production.  During the same time period, large sawmill operations purchased large tracts for the purpose of timber harvesting and milling of lumber.  After much of the land had been heavily cut over, the milling operations slowed down and in many cases even closed.  Champion International acquired tracts of land in East Texas during this time period.  These included most of the properties in Liberty and Hardin Counties.  Champion International operated on the property with the primary goal of supplying a paper mill & sawmills they owned in nearby counties of Texas.  Champion International, Inc. was purchased by International Paper in June, 2000.  Much of the land in Texas was offered for public sale in early 2001.  Harry Williams was the successful bidder, and subsequently sold it to Red Town, who sold it to HFF III on December 8, 2001.

Timber Resource

The forest conditions are typical for the region.  The overall quality of the timber is average. The forest is comprised of natural hardwood stands, hardwood-pine stands, and pine plantations.  The natural stands have pockets of small and large pine sawtimber.  Many have been thinned, leaving primarily sawtimber sized mast–producing species behind. The pine plantations are bedded and planted with genetically improved loblolly pine.  The plantations range from 3 to 30 years old.  Only 2% of the property is non-forested.

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