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GLNMTC West Property Map

In June of 2010, 16,400 acres of the original purchase from Plum Creek to Heartwood Forestland Fund VI, LP – Badger Timberlands was transferred to Great Lakes Rural NMTC Forestlands, LLC (GLNMTC West). This property is made up of two compartments, both located in Sawyer County, Wisconsin.

Property Details

Property Name GLNMTC West
State WI
County Sawyer
Total Acres 16,400.00
Coordinates  N 45° 50′ 25″ W 90° 53′ 57″
Acquisition Date  2010-06-25
Previous Owner  Plum Creek
Dominant Forest Type  Mix of Northern Hardwoods, Aspen and Pine Plantati
Managing Consultant  Compass Land Consultants
Address E5539 Woodland Avenue  AuTrain, MI – 49806
Phone  (906)-892-8665


The two compartments that make up the GL NMTC West property are located respectively north and east of Winter, Wisconsin, approximately 30 southeast of Hayward, Wisconsin. The Loretta Compartment is made up of approximately 14,000 acres and is located south of Highway 70, north of County Road W and is split to the east and west by County Road M. The Barber Lake Compartment is made up of approximately 2,400 acres and is located south of County Road B, east of County Road W, and west and north of Highway 70.


The GLNMTC West property was part of the HFFVI- Badger Timberlands property purchased from Plum Creek in December 2007. The only activities that occurred on the property during the Badger Timberlands ownership were the planting of red pine on sites previously cut and site prepared by Plum Creek and some road maintenance activities. Over the five years of preceding ownership, Plum Creek aggressively harvested the timberlands to produce a variety of forest products, as well as, implemented a land sales program to subdivide and sell residential sites, hunting and recreation lands after harvests were complete. Prior to Plum Creeks’ purchase from Stora Enso in 2002, the land were owned by Consolidated Papers. Consolidated Papers had amassed timberland holdings, starting back in the 1940’s, developed the infrastructure for harvest and converted thousands of acres from natural forest to plantations of red and jack pine, white spruce and tamarack until their sale to Stora Enso in 2000.

Timber Resource

The forests on the GLNMTC West property consist primarily of three types, aspen, northern hardwoods and plantations of red pine, white spruce and tamarack. The aspen and plantations are dominated by stands less than 30 years of age. The northern hardwood stands with decent access have all been thinned within the last ten years.

Public Use

Most of the GLNMTC West property is enrolled in the Managed Forest Law program.  As such, these lands are open to the public for hunting, fishing, cross-country skiing, hiking and sight-seeing.  Motorized vehicles (including ORV’s) are not permitted beyond closed gates and berms.  Hunting blinds on the GLNMTC West property are to be portable in nature and removed daily.  Tree stands and steps must be strap on, and may not penetrate the trees bark.  No cutting of trees, limbs or brush is permitted for creation of shooting lanes or blinds.  Camping, camp fires, firewood collection, dragging of roads, and dumping are not permitted on the property.  Additional restrictions may apply to certain tracts and will be posted as such.


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