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Garden River Forestlands

Grand River Forestlands

The HFF VIII Garden River Forestlands property is comprised of 14,866 acres of surface ownership located in the southern Algoma District of Ontario, Canada, adjacent to the city of Sault Ste. Marie at its NE boundary. The property is entirely contiguous, but has several outparcels within its boundary. The Hiawatha Highlands Conservancy lies adjacent to the west and features extensive ski-snowshoe-hiking trail systems. Garden River First Nation (GRFN) Reservation is adjacent to the south, east and northeast. The HFF VIII property is part of GRFN’s Pennefather Treaty claim, but has not been formally sought from the Crown. The property is generally considered closed to the public, except as provided by Federal and Provincial statute. Vehicular access to the property is from the south, and requires an access permit through the GRFN Reservation. Other access options include helicopter/float plane. The property will be managed as commercial timberland with primary markets in Ontario as well as Michigan and Wisconsin, USA and other international markets.

Property Details

Property Name Garden River Forestlands
State Ontario, CA
County Algoma
Total Acres 14,866
Coordinates  N46 37’; W84 8’ is the approximate center of the property
Acquisition Date  October 7, 2014
Previous Owner  Joseph Acheson
Dominant Forest Type  Northern Hardwoods
Managing Consultant  Prentiss & Carlisle, LTE
Address  123 March Street, Suite 500 Sault Ste. Marie, ON – P6A 2Z5


Ontario’s Algoma District is known for its commercial industries in mining & minerals, timbering, and trapping/hunting/fishing, and supports a healthy tourism economy that boasts of hunting, fishing, canoeing/kayaking, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling and other outdoor recreation. One designated snowmobile trail runs east-west through the property. Several provincial parks are located nearby in the District. Hydro-electric and wind power generation is common in the area, and a solar power facility is nearby in Sault Ste. Marie.


The property was purchased on October 7, 2014 from Mr. Joseph Acheson. Ownership history prior to Mr. Acheson has not yet been explored.

Timber Resource

The Garden River Forestlands property is dominated by the Northern Hardwood cover type, which here consists primarily of Sugar (Hard) Maple, Yellow Birch, Red (Soft) Maple, along with several minor components such as White Birch and upland conifers (White Spruce and Balsam Fir). Other major forest types found on the property, although as relatively minor components, include Intolerant Hardwoods – primarily Aspen and White Birch; Lowland Conifers – Black Spruce, Tamarack, Cedar; and “Mixedwood” – a combination of Intolerant Hardwoods and Upland/Lowland Conifers.  Quality hardwood products, primarily in Hard Maple and Yellow Birch, are the focus of timber management. White-tailed deer density is not extreme here and allows for adequate hardwood regeneration. Much of the current timber value exists in stands with poor road access, so road planning and construction will be another major focus for managers.

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