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Derriseaux Creek

Derriseaux Creek Property Map

This property contains 2,834 acres of hardwood timberland in three separate tracts. The first two are primarily bottomland, while the third tract is an upland site.  About 77 % of the property is in various stages of natural hardwood sawtimber, merchantable and pre-merchantable.  The remaining 23% is in upland pine sites scattered among the three parcels, mostly in planted pine of various ages. Recreation has always been an important secondary use of the property.

Property Details

Property Name Derriseaux Creek
State AR
County Cleveland, Grant, Jefferson
Total Acres 2,834.00
Coordinates N 34° 6′ 3″ W 92° 13′ 51″
Acquisition Date 2009-12-04
Previous Owner V&T Bailey Timberlands, LLC
Dominant Forest Type Bottomland hardwood
Managing Consultant Larson & McGowin, Inc
Address 214 North Washington, Suite 309  El Dorado, AR – 71730
Phone (870)-875-1663


One of the three tracts in this property is found approximately 14 miles southwest of Pine Bluff, AR around the corner of Jefferson, Grant, and Cleveland counties. Most of the acreage is in Jefferson county, north and east of the corner. A second tract is a little over 2 miles north of the first tract, all in Grant county.  The third tract is also in Grant county, about 13 miles northwest of the large tract and 5 miles east of Sheridan, AR.  Derriseaux Creek is a major drain in the area and flows through and near the three tracts.  The large tract has public access, but the two small tracts are accessible only by woods roads across other ownerships.


The three tracts were previously owned by International Paper Company and managed as commercial timberland for many years.  They were purchased by private owners as a timber investment about six years ago.  Current conditions indicate that the private owners have continued to manage the timber in a responsible manner.

Timber Resource

The timber growing on this property can be found in four forest types—natural pine (137 acres), bottomland hardwood (1,836 acres), loblolly pine plantations (347 acres), and SMZ’s (345 acres).  There are 173 acres of recent clearcut land.  In as far as the pine plantations– 71 acres are merchantable and 276 acres are pre-merchantable.  The pre-merchantable pine plantations consist of 153 acres of 3 year old pines, 55 acres of 6 year old pines, and 68 acres of 12 year old pines.  Overall property volumes run 2,200 board feet per acre of sawtimber, and 29 tons per acre of pulpwood.

Property Documents