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Denison Timberlands

Denison Timberlands Property Map

This property contains 1,070 acres in a single parcel along the Saline River in Union County Arkansas.  The property is all overflow bottomland with a large component of pole size natural hardwood and a lesser component of large mature hardwood timber which functions as a buffer zone to the river and several tributaries.  Because the property is situated on the upper end of the Saline River where there are well drained soils, excellent conditions exist for growing grade hardwoods – especially the cherry bark oak species.

Property Details

Property Name Denison Timberlands
State AR
County Cleveland
Total Acres 1,070.00
Coordinates N 33° 56′ 45″ W 92° 16′ 47″
Acquisition Date 2007-12-21
Previous Owner Denison Family
Dominant Forest Type Bottomland hardwood
Managing Consultant Larson & McGowin, Inc
Address 214 North Washington, Suite 309  El Dorado, AR – 71730
Phone (870)-875-1663


he Denison tract is located approximately 5 air miles southwest of Rison, Arkansas, in Township 9 South, Range 11 and 12 West.  The tract borders the Saline River on the west side.  There is no public access to the property, and private woods road access is difficult during flooding.  Unimproved internal roads are present and they include rocked ford stream crossings and culverts.


The property has been owned by the Denison family for approximately fifty years, managed primarily for timber production as part of a large total family ownership in south-central Arkansas.  Grays Lake, a large, locally well-known oxbow lake crosses the north line onto the property near the northwest corner.  Recreation has always been an important secondary use of the property, especially over the past ten years as the demand for hunting and fishing leases has increased.

Timber Resource

There are 285 acres of natural bottomland hardwood that serve as SMZ buffer area.  The trees are mature sawtimber, though much of it will never be cut due to its function as an SMZ.   Most of the timber resource is 785 acres of 12 year old natural hardwood regeneration. These trees are too small to make pulpwood, though they could be harvested as fuelwood.  The notable tree species include sweetgum, water oak, sycamore, cherrybark oak, and green ash.

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