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Cypress Creek

The Cypress Creek property, 9,533 total acres, is situated in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley generally north of Caruthersville, Missouri, to Cairo, Illinois.  A small tract is northeast of Sikeston, Missouri. The property is mostly forested with significant acreage (38%) in cottonwood, sycamore, and misc. hardwood plantations, (9%) in cultivated farmland, and (6%) in plantation fiber farms.  Five of the tracts are true islands but three of them have roads built across old river chutes that provide driving access except during periods of high water. The largest tracts are Island 8, Island #3, Island #10, and Wolf Island with 4,685 acres, 3,854 acres, 3,602 acres and 3,745 acres respectively.  The Peck tract is the next largest with 2,875 acres and the Shelby/Wilson tract has 1,953 acres.   The remaining tracts vary in size from 105 acres to 1,066 acres.

Property Details

Property Name Cypress Creek
State MO, KY, TN
County MO – Mississippi, New Madrid; KY – Ballard, Carlisle, Hickman, Fulton; TN – Lake, Dyer
Total Acres 9,533 Acres
Coordinates N 36° 40′ 27″ W 89° 18′ 36″
Acquisition Date 2007-04-04
Previous Owner Cypress Creek, LLC
Dominant Forest Type Natural riverfront hardwood
Managing Consultant Clearview Forestry
Address PO Box 880, Monticello, AR  71657
Phone (870) 460-7463



The property is comprised of 18 tracts of variable size distributed over four states and 10 counties. The tracts are distributed along the Mississippi river from Wycliffe, Kentucky to south of Ridgely, Tennessee.  The major access routes are I-55 and highway 77 in Missouri, Highway 51 and 3 in Illinois, Highway 51 in Kentucky, and highway 79 in Tennessee.


Heartwood Forestland Fund V Side Fund II purchased the property from Cypress Creek LLC. The predecessors to Cypress Creek LLC, were Anderson Tully Company and Mead/WestVaco. These companies acquired most of the property for the primary purpose of supplying quality hardwood sawlogs to ATTC sawmills and a steady supply of fiber for the Mead/WestVaco paper mill.   Changes to the property, in the form of acquisitions and out-sales, continued through the year 2006.

Timber Resource

There are two primary forest types that make up this property.  The two types are natural stands, primarily in buffer zones, (comprised of cottonwood, sycamore, silver maple, and willow) and plantations, cottonwood, sycamore, and ash ranging in age from 1 to 25 years.  The cottonwood stands receive a first thinning at age 8, while the other two species are thinned a few years later.  An ice storm in January of 2009 damaged many of the thinned stands, though much of the downed wood was salvaged and opened up stands should coppice regenerate fully.

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