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Coulson Property Map

The Coulson property is located in southwestern West Virginia in Wayne County near the communities of Crum and Dunlow.  The property contains a total of 1,726 acres in two separate but nearby parcels of 997 acres and 731 acres. It is managed as a commercial timberland property.  Hunting leases will be available on this property.  Coal and natural gas development occur throughout the region, though no coal activity is present on the property.  Several gas wells are currently active on the property.  The mineral rights do not belong to Heartwood.

Property Details

Property Name Buffalo
State WV
County Wayne County
Total Acres 1,726.00
Coordinates N 37°57’00” W 82°26’00”
Acquisition Date 2002-12-12
Previous Owner Emerson Commons, LLC
Dominant Forest Type Appalachian Hardwood
Managing Consultant Landmark Forestry, LLC
Address P.O. Box 205, Horner, WV – 26372
Phone 304)-269-4831


The economic area is southern Wayne County near the Tug Fork River.  The area is largely rural and remote.  Mineral and timber development is common in the region along with small agricultural farm lots. The Cabwaylingo State Forest is located within a few miles of the property.   The property lies near 37°57′ North latitude and 82°26′ West longitude.


The property was purchased in May of 2011 from Emerson Commons, LLC that had acquired it through US Bank, as trustee of the Eloise F. Von Bernuth Trust.  The family had held it for a number of years.

Timber Resource

The primary forest cover types are Yellow Poplar, White Oak, Northern Red Oak forest type and the White Oak, Black Oak, Northern Red Oak forest type. To a lesser extent, the Chestnut Oak forest type is also present.  Included in these forest types is a mixture of typical Appalachian hardwood species such as red and sugar maple, beech, hickory, birch, sycamore and some hemlock.   Some timber harvesting has occurred within the past 5 years.  Natural regeneration is successful.  Impacts to successful natural regeneration by white tailed deer browsing are expected to be minimal.

Property Documents