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Black Lake

Black Lake Property Map

The Black Lake Property is a 4,348 acre bottomland hardwoods property with approximately 10 miles of frontage to the Black Lake Bayou. Most of the property can be classifed as Willow oak – Water Oak – Laurel Oak (Society of American Foresters Eastern Forest Cover Types). Other cover types that occur on the property include Baldcypress, Willow oak – Sweetgum, and Loblolly pine – Hardwood on the upland sites. Loblolly pine has been planted on a significant portion of the property as well. Most of the natural hardwood and pine-hardwood acreage is mature sawtimber whereas the pine plantations are largely comprised of younger age classes.

Property Details

Property Name Black Lake
State LA
County Red River, Natchitoches, Bienville
Total Acres 4,348.00
Coordinates  N 32° 10′ 0″ W 93° 11′ 46.214″
Acquisition Date 2011-10-14
Previous Owner Martin Timber Company, LLC
Dominant Forest Type Bottomland Hardwoods
Managing Consultant Kingwood Forestry Services, Inc.
Address 4414 Morris Ln.  Texarkana, TX – 75505
Phone 903-831-5200


The Black Lake Property consists of 4,347.75 acres located in Red River, Bienville, and Natchitoches parishes.  The property is centered around the scenic Black Lake Bayou which flows from North to South along the parish lines for approximately 10 miles. This area is part of a 105 mile long Black Lake Bayou watershed that begins in Gibsland, LA and continues into Clarence, LA where the waterway empties into Black Lake. Black Lake also drains into Saline Bayou, one of the many tributaries of the Red River.

The Black Lake Property is situated 46 miles south of Shreveport and 38 miles north of Natchitoches, LA.  The two major access roads into the property are state highway 507 and 155.  There are several parish and private roads that may be used as access when direct highway access is impracticable.


Heartwood Forestland Fund VI purchased this property from Martin Timber Company, LLC in October 2011. Martin Timber Company used the property for its timber resource and hunting leases.  In 1948 Martin Timber Company acquired the property from Black Lake Lands and Williamette Companies. The land use history is unknown for these two former landowners.

Timber Resource

The majority of the tracts within the Black Lake Property are classified as bottomland hardwoods and consist of red oak, white oak, sweetgum, and cypress.  Oversize loblolly pine can be found dispersed within these bottomland hardwood stands. The property contains many intertwined intermittent streams, especially within the bottomland hardwood streams. Most of these streams will contain baldcypress breaks (some of which are designated as High Conservation Value Forests due to the presence of individual old growth baldcypress trees).  The bottomland hardwoods begin to transition into mixed pine/hardwood stands as elevation increases away from Black Lake Bayou.  These mixed stands contain primarily oak/gum hardwoods and higher volumes of natural loblolly pine.  Pine plantations can be found on the highest elevation sites.

Approximately 92% of the property is considered to be timber land with approximately 8% of the property non-forested (open water, roads, salt prairies, and shrub cover). Streamside management zones do make up a significant portion of the property (8% of the total acreage) and are managed to protect the Black Lake Bayou watershed, a Louisiana State Scenic River System.

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