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BDC – Bradley, Deltic, Calion

BDC – Bradley, Deltic, Callon Property Map

The letters BDC represent the three primary sellers of the property to HFF VI—Bradley Lumber Company, Deltic Timber Company, and Calion Lumber Company.  The purchase was rounded out by a fourth seller—Clint Horn.  In total, this property contains 10,224 acres

Nearly 80% of the Bradley section is bottomland hardwood sites in various stages of natural hardwood timber, merchantable and pre-merchantable.  Most of the upland sites are former agricultural land now in planted pine. Recreation has always been an important secondary use of the property, especially over the past ten years as the demand for hunting and fishing leases has increased.

The hardwood stands on the Deltic section have been managed on a natural selection uneven-aged regime with quality hardwood sawtimber as a goal.  The pine stands were managed primarily by natural regeneration, Both sites are generally very productive owing to their proximity to better drained creek and tributary sites.  They have value both in timber production and recreational (hunting).

The two Calion tracts both support mostly mature hardwood, but one has better soil drainage and therefore better timber quality.  Where one is dissected by numerous creeks, bayous, and sloughs making logging chances limited, the other rests on higher elevation, has less water features, and can be accessed much of the year.  They both present favorable recreation potential mostly in hunting.

The property bought from Clint Horn, known as the Rowell tract is a hardwood bottomland site supporting oak, gum and cypress, though only lightly stocked.  Recent harvesting removed much of the timber, however, the tract remains favorable to hunting which brings in immediate revenue.

Property Details

Property Name BDC – Bradley, Deltic, Calion
State AR
County Ashley, Bradley, Calhoun, Chicot, Cleveland, Drew, Grant, Union
Total Acres 10,224.00
Coordinates  N 33° 22′ 9″ W 92° 12′ 2″
Acquisition Date 2008-12-18
Previous Owner Bradley Lumber, Deltic Timber, Calion Lumber, Clin
Dominant Forest Type Bottomland hardwood
Managing Consultant Larson & McGowin, Inc
Address 214 North Washington, Suite 309 El Dorado, AR – 71730
Phone (870)-875-1663


The Bradley portion is made up of several tracts lying mostly along the Ouachita River from seven miles west of highway 167 north of the river west of Calion, and going southeast down the river to 2.5 miles east of highway 15 on the north side of the Ouachita River.  About 33% of the total acreage has no public road access, and can be reached only by unimproved roads across adjoining owners.  This is considered typical access for property that is mostly bottomland hardwood.

The Deltic portion includes scattered tracts ranging from locations about five miles due east of the Green Lake tract in the south, to tracts lying along the east side of the Moro Creek bottoms east and southeast of Fordyce.

The “Junction City” Calion tract is located approximately one mile northeast of Junction City, Arkansas in the Cornie Bayou bottoms.  Access to the tract is from Stateline Road on the south.  The “Three Rivers” tract is found approximately 10 miles to the northwest of the Junction City Tract, just south of Highway 15.  There is no road access to this block, but there are several trails across industry land on the west boundary of the tract.

The Rowell tract is located 9 air miles west of Star City, AR and just to the east of the intersection of AR Hwy 15 and the Rowell Club Road. Access can be gained along a woods road that extends east to the tract from the Rowell Club Road.


The Bradley portion was purchased from Dr. Chambers who purchased the tract from Potlatch.  Potlatch Corporation purchased most of these tracts from Bradley Lumber Company 40 to 50 years ago, and managed them as commercial timberland until they were sold to a private owner around 10 years ago along with a sawmill.

The Deltic portion was owned by Deltic Timber Company for more than 20 years. Deltic was formerly a subsidiary of Murphy Oil Company, which explains the location of working and capped oil wells across the property in general. The pine was grown for use in Deltic’s south Arkansas saw mill.  The hardwood sawtimber and associated pulpwood were sold into the outside market by Deltic since they only owned a saw mill.  Deltic Timber has managed all of its timberland under SFI certification since 2005.

The Calion portion had been owned by Calion Lumber Company for at least the last fifty years.  The tracts were primarily managed for timber and recreation in that span.  The timber harvesting involved light sawlog removal thinnings once the dominant stem diameters reached over 20 inches.

The Rowell portion was purchased from Clint Horn, who recently purchased the tract from John Hancock, who bought the tract from IP in a larger transaction during the 1980’s.

Timber Resource

The timber varies is size, stocking and quality across the myriad of tracts comprising this property.  The species present are largely similar, though.  Red oak, white oak, sweetgum, green ash, cypress and loblolly pine comprise the species mix. The sites with better drainage, have better timber quality.  Additionally, natural loblolly pine will be found in more abundance on these better sites.  Across the spectrum of tracts in this property, the sawtimber stocking averages 1,400 board feet per forested acre and the pulpwood runs 17 tons per forested acre.  The best tracts contain upwards of 7,000 board feet per acre.

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