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B&B Lumber

B&B Lumber Property Map

The B&B Property consists of 3,126 acres situated in East-central New York State generally distributed along the Interstate 81 corridor from Syracuse to Binghamton. It is composed of 15 named tracts, 1 in Chenango County, 1 in Cortland County, 4 in Herkimer County, 3 in Lewis County, 1 in Onondaga County, 4 in Oswego County, and 1 in Tioga County

Property Details

Property Name B&B Lumber
State NY
County Chenango, Cortland, Herkimer, Lewis, Onondaga, Oswego, Tioga
Total Acres 3,126.00
Coordinates  N42°44’30.81″ W75°52’3.29″
Acquisition Date  2005-09-20
Previous Owner  B&B Lumber Co.
Dominant Forest Type  95% Northern Hardwood 5% Spruce-Fir
Managing Consultant  Forecon
Address 22 1/2 Groton Ave.  Cortland, NY – 13045
Phone  (607) 753-3113


The tracts range in size from 27 acres to 610 acres. They are spread out approximately 100 mile east to west, and 150 miles north to south. The nearest interstates are NY I-90 which roughly bisects the ownership north and south, and NY I-81 which runs along the western edge of property center located approximately 25 miles to the southeast of the property. The Erie-Lackawanna rail line traverses the area connecting Binghamton to the Delaware River Corridor and the metropolitan areas of New York City, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. The interstates and rail network provide export links between the ports of New York (New York City), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) and Massachusetts (Boston). All are capable of sustaining heavy traffic throughout the year and receive regular maintenance during the winter months.


Tracts that comprise the ownership have a diverse history. This ownership was purchased from B&B Lumber and represents approximately one-third of the B&B Lumber’s timberland ownership in the region. B&B Lumber purchase these properties from private landowners of several decades and managed the properties as a supplement to its procurement needs for its 2 sawmills and pallet mill. These 16 parcels represent the first outsale of properties owned by B&B Lumber in its process of reducing its overall landownership in the area.

Timber Resource

The majority of the property consists of Northern Hardwood forests and associated sub-types. The Northern Hardwood type is generally dominated by shade tolerant species such as Maple, Beech and Birch but regularly contain species of moderate to high shade intolerance as well. Stands dominated by species like Ash, Oak and Black Cherry are a common occurrence throughout the Northern Hardwood type. Origin of these stand is often tied to past land use, slope aspect, or microclimate. Also observed within the Northern Hardwood forest type are areas Hardwood mixed with Hemlock and Eastern White pine. These stands occur somewhat predictably and are often associated with slope aspect and soil drainage. The balance of the property is comprised of the Spruce Fir forest type. Occurrence of this type is at the northern extent of the property region in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. The type has a strong association with areas of poor soils and relatively short growing seasons. More poorly drained growing sites in the region tend to gravitate towards this type while hardwoods remain competitive on the drier upland sites. This type likely represents less than 5 % of the total property acreage.

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