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Baker Property Map

The Baker property consists of 5,295 acres of fee ownership in Baker County Florida which lies 34 miles west of Jacksonville.  The property supports a forest evenly split between a natural mixed pine-hardwood swamp and slash pine plantations of varying ages.  Managed as an industrial forest for some time, the property has a robust road network and is ideally located near an abundance of excellent wood using markets.  A distinguishing property feature is the large portion of timbered swamp traversing East-West through the heart of the main tract.

Property Details

Property Name Baker
State Florida
County Baker
Total Acres 5,295.00
Acquisition Date March 1, 2013
Previous Owner EFG Balanced LLC
Dominant Forest Type Pine-Hardwood-Cypress Swamp
Managing Consultant Legacy Forestry Services
Address 4818 West US Hwy 90, Suite 100 Lake City, FL – 32055
Phone 386-438-5896


The property is located approximately 6 miles south of the town of Macclenny.  The acreage is comprised of a 5,141 acre parcel and a 154 acre parcel that are nearly contiguous and lie in Townships 3 and 4 South of the southeastern portion of Baker County.  Part of the New River Swamp extends through the property.


Historic ownership of the Baker property includes the Gilman Paper Company and most recently the EFG-1 Gilman II ownership by EFG Balanced.  RMK Timberland Group handled this property’s management for EFG Balanced.  Like much of north central/northeast Florida, the main focus of management on the Baker property was generating high volume production from its pine plantations.

Timber Resource

The timber resource on the Baker property consists of 768 acres of 2 to 14 year old pre-merchantable slash pine plantations and 1,687 acres of 15 to 43 year old merchantable slash pine plantations.  Additional timber resources include 2,411 acres of merchantable swamp timber.  The plantations are established on flatwoods sites and most are exhibiting the fast growth rates typical of these highly productive sites when intensively managed.


Property Documents