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Bailey Property Map

The Bailey Property was purchased in 2011 from the V&T Bailey Timberlands, LLC. Prior to V&T Bailey, the property was owned by International Paper. Management practices have remained similar for the last several years as commercial timber management has been the primary use. Given the past ownership of the property and its geography, it is not surprising that loblolly pine plantation of a variety of age classes comprises over half of the property acreage. The remaining forested acreage is composed of natural bottomland hardwood stands. The previous owners concentrated primarily on pine management so in recent history, hardwood stands have been only lightly managed. Several long-standing hunt clubs lease the acreage for hunting.

Property Details

Property Name Bailey
State AR
County Jefferson
Total Acres 1,423.00
Coordinates N 34°5’56” W 92°12’8”
Acquisition Date 2011-08-18
Previous Owner V&T Bailey Timberlands, LLC
Dominant Forest Type Loblolly pine plantation
Managing Consultant Larson & McGowin, Inc
Address 214 North Washington, Suite 309  El Dorado, AR – 71730
Phone (870)-875-1663


The Bailey Property is located in southwestern Jefferson County in Southeast Arkansas. The area is in a geographic region known as the Upper Gulf Coastal Plain. The property is rolling to undulating with less then 100 feet of relief locally.


The Bailey Property has been owned by timber management companies throughout the 20th century. TFG acquired the property from  V&T Bailey Timberlands, LLC in  August 2011. V&T Bailey acquired the property from Blue Sky Timber Properties, LLC which is a subsidiary of International Paper who had owned the property for several decades under a variety of entity names.

Surrounding ownerships include other Heartwood Forestland Fund properties including Derrisseaux Creek, Sheridan, Hurricane Creek, Fordyce, and BDC.

Timber Resource

The Property resides in a largely forested landscape made up of planted and natural loblolly and shortleaf pine stands, oak-hickory uplands, and bottomland hardwoods in the lower elevations and bottoms. Loblolly pine is the dominant species on the property. Shortleaf pine makes up a minor component in the plantations and uplands. Sweetgum is the dominant bottomland species mixed with a variety of soft hardwoods. Various red and white oaks together make up a significant portion of the total species mixture.

Approximately 55% of the property acreage is premerchantable loblolly pine of ages ranging from 0-16 years of age. Merchantable loblolly pine plantation makes up about 8% of the total acreage. Bottomland hardwoods (26%), newly regenerating forest (7%), roads (2%), food plot and other open land (2%) round out the composition of covertypes on the property.

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