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ATCO Property Map

The Anderson-Tully property, 220,923 total acres (159,470 fee owned & 61,453 timber reserve), is located in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley between Dyersburg, TN and Natchez, MS.  The bulk of the property concentrated in bottomlands and loess hills around Vicksburg, MS.   72% of the acreage is bottomland, delta or batture.  28% of the acreage is in the loessal bluffs.

The bottomlands are primarily mixed riverfront hardwoods (56%).  The remainder being: 13% sweetgum-red oak, 12% non-forest, 9% cottonwood, 5% willow, 3% cypress-tupelo and 2% overcup oak-bitter pecan. The Loessal bluffs are a cherrybark oak dominated upland bottom type (90%). The remainder being:  5% pine, 4% non-forest and 1% upland ridge hardwoods.

Many of the bottomland tracts are true islands and have no, or low water only access.   The largest tracts are Soterra-Deep Lake, Rena Lara, Pittman Island, Woodstock Island, Horseshoe Lake, Hardin Point and Vestal with 9,555 acres, 8,136 acres, 7,665 acres, 7,022 acres, 5,623 acres, 5,591 acres and 5,527 acres respectively.  The remaining tracts vary in size from  <1 acre to 4,784 acres.

Anderson-Tully Lumber Company operates a sawmill in Vicksburg, MS with a capacity of 65 MMbf per year.

Property Details

Property Name ATCO
State AR, LA, MS, TN
County AR – Arkansas, Chicot, Desha, Phillips, Lee, Mississippi; LA – East Carroll, Madison, Tensas; MS – Attalla, Bolivar, Claiborne, Coahoma, Copiah, Hinds, Issaquena, Jasper, Jefferson, Sharkey, Warren, Washington, Yazoo;TN – Dyer, Lauderdale
Total Acres 220,923
Coordinates N 32° 23’ 41” W 90° 54’ 39”
Acquisition Date 2006
Previous Owner Anderson-Tully Company
Dominant Forest Type Natural Riverfront Hardwood
Managing Consultant Clearview Forestry Inc, and One Source
Address Clearview – P.O. Box 880, Monticello, AR 71657, One Source – 5384 Highway 22, Edwards, MS 39066
Phone Clearview 870-918-3243, One Source 601-218-8128


The Anderson-Tully property is comprised of 489 tracts of variable size distributed over four states and 22 counties.  The tracts are located primarily along the Mississippi River from Dyersburg, TN to Natchez, MS.  The bulk of the property being concentrated in the bottomlands and loess hills around Vicksburg, MS.  The major access routes are Highways 1 and 165 in Arkansas, Highway 65 in Arkansas and Louisiana, Interstate 20 in Louisiana and Mississippi, Highways 1, 3, 7, 14, 18, 27, 61, and 465 in Mississippi, and Highways 19 and 155 in Tennessee.


Heartwood Forestland Fund V purchased the property from Anderson-Tully Company (ATCO) in 2006.  ATCO has extensive acquisition records going back to the late 1800’s.  ATCO has an active sawmilling operation, thus all lands have been managed for many years.

Timber Resource

There are ten primary timber types that make up the property.  The ten types are Cottonwood, Willow, Cypress-Tupelo, Sweetgum-Red Oak, Overcup Oak-Bitter Pecan, Upland Ridge Hardwood, Upland Bottom & Side Slope Hardwood, Pine, Riverfront Hardwood (4a) and Riverfront Hardwood (4b).  Riverfront Hardwood types are divided into two sub-types based on soil types. 4a sites are drier silty sites dominated by Red Oak-Sweet Pecan-Sycamore-Hackberry stands.  4b sites are less well drained and have heavier clay soils.  4b sites are characterized by Elm-Ash-Hackberry dominated stands.

These timber types range from newly established regeneration to well over 200 years (especially in the Cypress-Tupelo type).  Riverfront Hardwood (4a) is the largest timber type, followed by Upland Bottom & Side Slope.  These two types account for more than two thirds of the total acreage.  The majority of stands consist of a sawtimber overstory (40-80 years old) over a developing mid or understory.  Regeneration is being actively promoted resulting in removal of the overstory when appropriate.

4%  of ATCO stands are classed as having a regenerating overstory (<5” dbh).  12%  are classed as having a pole sized (6-12” dbh) overstory.  50% are classed as having a small to medium sawtimber (13-20”dbh) overstory.  25% are classed as having a large sawtimber (21”+) overstory.  9% are non-forested.

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