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Appalachian Forests B

Appalachian Forest B Property Map

The Appalachian Forests-B property is a 179,144-acre property located in Harlan, Letcher and Martin Counties in Kentucky, Wise and Lee Counties in Virginia, and Clay, Fayette, Kanawha, Logan, McDowell, Mercer, Mingo, Raleigh and Wyoming Counties in West Virginia.    The property is widely distributed throughout a large area as can be seen from the location of the aforementioned counties.  Ninety six percent of the property is forested with some acreage in active and reclaimed surface mine condition.  Upland Appalachian hardwoods comprise the timber resource.

Property Details

Property Name Appalachian Forests B
State WV, VA, KY
County VA-Lee, Wise; KY-Martin, Letcher, Harlan; WV- Clay, Fayette, Kanawha, Logan, McDowell, Mercer, Mingo, Raleigh, Wyoming
Total Acres 179,144.00
Coordinates N 37° 37′ 38″ W 81° 54′ 23″
Acquisition Date  2007-11-13
Previous Owner  Bluefield Timber, LLC
Dominant Forest Type Appalachian upland hardwood
Managing Consultant  Advantage Timberland, Inc.
Address P.O. Box 548 1325 Hockman Pike Bluefield, VA – 24605
Phone  (276)-322-2856


The AF-B property (187,110 acres) is comprised of four compartments.  Almost 70% of the acreage is located in West Virginia.  The compartments are distributed across a large area in the three states where the property is found.  The distance from the top of the northernmost tract to the bottom of the southernmost compartment is approximately 164 miles.

US 52 bisects the property from west to east. This is a winding, two-lane road.  I77/64 and US route 19 are important North to South routes in the area.  Kentucky State Routes 3, 522, and 15, along with US Route 119 provide access to the Kentucky section of the property.  Virginia State Route 160 provides access to the VA section of property.  WV State Highways 16, 61, 612, 10, 80, 161, 97, and US routes 19, and 52 are essential access roads for the WV section of Appalachian Forests B.


The Appalachian Forests-B property was purchased from Pocahontas Land Corporation, who owned the property from the early 1900’s until October of 2000 when Bluefield Timber, LLC acquired the perpetual timber rights.  Appalachian Forests-B only owns the timber rights on most all of the Appalachian Forests-B properties.  The only fee tract is the Pardee tract (3,534-acres), which is located in McDowell County.  As with much of the surrounding region, natural resource development (coal, gas, timber) has played a vital role into shaping the ownership into what it is today.

Timber Resource

The property is well stocked with 4,087 board feet per forested acre of sawtimber and 19.2 tons per forested acre of pulpwood.  The seven leading species of sawtimber are yellow poplar, chestnut oak, red oak, red maple, hickory, black oak and white oak.  Two major forest conditions—mesic and xeric, define the timber resource and provide a basis for the forest types.  Slope position, aspect and elevation dictate the type of species for a given location and the growth rate therein.

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