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Allegheny Forestland, LLC


Allegheny Property Overview Map

The Allegheny Forestlands property (71,071 acres) is comprised of approximately 141 small to large, segregated tracts with the smallest tract approximately .35 acres and the largest one being 5,373 acres. The bulk of the property is located in Preston, Tucker and Nicholas Counties in West Virginia. Heartwood Forestland Fund IV, L.P. (HFFVI) purchased the property in four transactions in December 2008 and again in January and February 2009. It is managed as a commercial timberland property but also includes hunting and fishing leases. There is some mineral activity related to oil & gas, coal and limestone.

Property Details

Property Name Allegheny Forestlands, LLC
State WV, PA, VA
County WV- Barbour, Braxton, Grant, Highland, Lewis, Marion, Mineral, Richie, Taylor, Webster, Preston, Tucker, Pendelton, Taylor, Wetzel, Randolph, Pocahontas, Nicholas, McDowell, Monogalia; PA-Somerset; VA-Highland
Total Acres 71,071.00
Coordinates N 38° 52′ 17″ W 80° 12′ 54″
Acquisition Date 2009-07-09
Previous Owner AWP & Widen Properties
Dominant Forest Type Appalachian upland hardwood
Managing Consultant Landmark Forestry, LLC
Address P.O. Box 205, Horner, WV – 26372
Phone 304)-269-4831


The AWP portion of AF properties’ economic area comprises the southern section of the eastern panhandle and northeastern West Virginia. The important regional economic influences are WV State Route 50 and the Interstate 68 and interstate 79 corridors. The cities of Morgantown, Kingwood, Grafton and Petersburg West Virginia are the significant population centers in the region.  The towns of Welch, Parsons and Burnsville are smaller population centers located near the remaining scattered parcels.

The AWP property sits in a largely rural area where timber is the significant industry.  Mead-Westvaco, Allegheny Wood Products, Weyerhaeuser, Coastal Lumber and Interstate Lumber are a few of the regional markets that would be potential purchasers of the wood harvested from the property.

The neighboring landowners are non-industrial private forest landowners with small ownerships.  Some larger landowners in the area include the US Forest Service, the State of West Virginia and Western Pocahontas Properties.

The Widen properties’ neighboring economic area is comprised mostly in Central to South Central West Virginia.  The property itself is located in Nicholas County West Virginia.  The important regional economic influences are US 19 and Interstate 79.  Charleston and Summersville are the most significant population centers in the region.

The property sits in a largely rural area where forest products and coal mining is the most significant industry but there is also some oil and gas development.  Coastal Lumber, Columbia Forest Products, Laurel Creek Hardwoods, Collins Hardwood, Weyerhaeuser and Allegheny Wood Products are some regional markets for wood products harvested from the property.

While most of the neighboring landowners are local individuals with minor holdings, a few significant landowners include: Coastal Timberlands, Nicholas-Clay Land & Mineral, Demeter Land Company, Orlandi Inc., Beckwith Lumber Company and PH Timber.

There are no major roads that traverse the properties.  Most of the roads are single or double lane county roads.  All are capable of sustaining heavy truck traffic throughout the year although some of the roads in the rural areas may not have regular maintenance in the winter months.  The closest major highways are Interstate 68, WV State Route 19 and WV State Route 50.  Interstate 68 runs east and west and is located near the northern most properties. Route 19 runs north and south and is within 5 to 10 minutes of the Nicholas county tracts.  Route 50 runs east and west and is within 15 to 30 minutes of most of the northern properties.  The remaining scattered parcels are within 15 to 20 minutes of a double lane state highway.


The property was purchased from two separate owners. The majority of the property was purchased from Allegheny Wood Products LLC (AWP), located in Kingwood West Virginia. The rest of the property in Nicholas County was purchased from the Barringer trust (Widen Properties).

Prior to the Allegheny Wood Product ownership, non-industrial private forest landowners, coal companies, electric companies and sawmills owned the property.  Most of the tracts were purchased from private landowners and purchased in blocks to create larger management units.  Some property was also purchased from Western Pocahontas Properties a coal company and Interstate lumber.  Allegheny Power Systems also sold a large tract of property located in the Cheat Canyon to AWP.

The Nicholas county portion of the AF property was purchased from Paul B. Barringer II The property has an interesting industrial ownership history. The Widen property is a greater portion of a survey of 93,000 acres of land granted by the Commonwealth of Virginia to William Wilson on December 31, 1795.  According to local legend, William Wilson was granted the property for his service in the Revolutionary War but he purchased the land grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  In 1837 title became vested in the West Virginia Iron Mining and Manufacturing Company.  One of the major stockholders of the West Virginia Iron Mining and Manufacturing Company was William H. Edwards.  Mr. Edwards purchased the property at a public judicial sale and the deed was executed in 1866.  J.D. Cameron and several Pennsylvania businessmen later purchased the property and formed the Elk River Coal and Lumber Company in 1904.  The Pittston Coal Company then purchased the property in 1960.  Pegasus Resource Company, a subsidiary of Pittston, was conveyed the property in fee in 1984.  Then in 1990 Pegasus conveyed the property to Prospect Land and Development (PLADCO).  PLADCO held the property until the next year when they conveyed the surface and timber to Paul B. Barringer II Trust, but retained the mineral interest. In 2000 the Paul B. Barringer II Trust was dissolved and Paul B. Barringer II and his three children obtain title to the property.

Timber Resource

The Allegheny Forestlands property is comprised of natural hardwood cover types. The main species composition is made up of yellow-poplar, red oak, chestnut oak and many other species native to the Appalachian region. Most of the property has been used for its timber resource in the past. The variety of aspects over the property allows for a diverse species composition and different growing conditions. The timber quality over the entire property is good. The timber size is typical for the forests of the region. The sawtimber ranges from small to medium in size with areas of large sawtimber. Most of the stands are well stocked and do not show signs of poor harvesting practices from previous owners. There is very little farmland on this property due to its steep mountainous terrain.

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