Forest Carbon

Forestry projects jump-started the global carbon offset market in the early 1990s when environmental NGOs and industrial companies initiated partnerships to conserve and plant forests hoping to balance greenhouse gas emission (GHG) by capturing carbon in trees. Today, regional regulatory development and voluntary markets are continuing to grow. A carbon project that guides the permanence and additionality of forest carbon through improved forest management and avoided conversion is a natural alignment of interest with The Forestland Group’s third-party certified portfolio of properties and working forest conservation easements. We believe that in addition to mitigating climate change, forest carbon project provide other co-benefits. Consequently, The Forestland Group is interested in selling quality carbon credit offsets to purchasers participating in the regulatory and voluntary carbon emission allowance markets.

For inquiries and interest, please contact:

Kaarsten Turner Dalby
Senior Director Ecological Services

Phone: (303)-838-2512