Southern Region

Currently, the Southern Region spans 13 US States, includes 26 properties and approximately 791,926 acres.  The geographic footprint lies from southeast Texas to central West Virginia and over to the North Carolina-South Carolina line.  A wide variety of timber types grow in the region ranging from bottomland, alluvial river, and upland Appalachian hardwoods to pine, cottonwood, and sycamore plantations.  The land base supports forests that receive an array of silvicultural treatments designed to improve timber quality and growth while preserving and often enhancing recreation opportunities and aesthetics. Timberland management  focuses on nurturing even and two aged natural forest systems over long rotations.

Across the region, mutually beneficial relationships with local forest contractors are spawned.  These working ties often bring unique expertise, provide specialized equipment and techniques, and result in access to expanded timber product markets.

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