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Winding Oaks

Winding Oaks Property Map

The Winding Oaks Property is composed of six tracts totaling 12,261 acres in Perry, Humphreys, Houston, and Stewart Counties in the Highland Rim section of the Interior Lowland Plateau Physiographic Province in the west central section of Tennessee.   Four of the seven tracts are located in Perry County.  One tract is located in entirely in Stewart County, and another is entirely in Humphreys County.  The Leatherwood tract straddles the Stewart and Houston County line.  Tract size ranges between approximately 53 acres and 4,760 acres. With little exception, all of the property is woodlands, with more than three quarters of this acreage forested with upland hardwoods.

Property Details

Property Name Winding Oaks
State TN
County Perry, Humphreys, Houston, Stewart
Total Acres 12,261.00
Coordinates N 36° 0′ 25″ W 87° 53′ 11″
Acquisition Date 2003-01-03
Previous Owner Tommy Graham
Dominant Forest Type Appalachian upland hardwood
Managing Consultant Tri-State Forestry
Address 300 Shasta Ave.  Dayton, TN – 37321
Phone (423)-775-6510


The Sturgis Forest is located in Crittenden County near the Tradewater River which serves as the boundary line with Union County. The property is bounded on the west by the Bells Mine Road and on the north by Kentucky Highway 356. The major access routes are I-64 in Illinois and Indiana and the Western Kentucky Parkway and the Pennyrile Parkway in Kentucky.


Heartwood Forestland Fund VI purchased the property from Kimball International Manufacturing, Inc. The predecessor to Kimball was ALCOA Aluminum.  These companies actively managed the forestland.  ALCOA enrolled the property, during their ownership, in Westvaco’s Cooperative Forest Management Program.  Kimball assigned a company forester to oversee operations.  Past evidence of timber harvesting is visible but not to the determent of the forest.  Coal mining has been a past land use as well.  Two mine shafts exist on the property and several active mines are located on adjoining properties.  To aid in the coal mining operations, several railroad spurs were constructed over the years.  These lines and been abandoned and currently serve as access roads to various parts of the property. From 2011 to 2014, HFF VI has sold slightly over 8,800 acres to different buyers.  Most notably, the Commonwealth of Kentucky purchased nearly 7,000 acres in two Phases and created the Big Rivers WMA and State Forest.

Timber Resource

The Sturgis Forest supports a mix of oak, hickory, hard maple, ash and elm on the upland sites and side slopes.  In the river bottoms, the main species that occur are sweetgum, sycamore, soft maple, cottonwood and hackberry.  The transition zones between the upland and the bottomlands are populated with yellow poplar, beech, walnut, cherry, sassafras and locust.  The stands are considered mature and uneven in age, with generally a two or three-layered canopy.

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