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Quebec Forestlands, L.P.

Quebec Forestlands Property Map

The Jacques-Cartier Forest is located 30 kilometers north of Québec City in the municipality of Cantons-Unis de Stoneham et Tewkesbury in the province of Québec, Canada. It is 41,449 acres in size. It is managed as a commercial timberland property but also includes hunting and fishing leases.

Summaries of the following are available upon request:

  • Forest Management Plan
  • Habitat Assessment Plan
  • High Conservation Value Forest Analysis (available for download at bottom of this page)
  • Pre-Industrial Forest & Natural Conditions Assessment

Property Details

Property Name Quebec Forestlands, L.P.
State Province of Quebec
County Cantons-Unis de Stoneham et Tewkesbury
Total Acres 41,449.00
Coordinates  N47°05’37.70″ W71°25’18.71″
Acquisition Date  2008-01-31
Previous Owner  Domtar
Dominant Forest Type 60% Spruce-Fir 40% Northern Hardwood
Managing Consultant  Prentiss & Carlisle
Address 202-917 rue Monseigneur-Grandin Quebec, QC – G1V 3X8
Phone  (418) 204-9435


The property borders the Parc de la Jacques-Cartier, the Reserve faunique (Wildlife Reserve) des Laurentides, and the Reserve Ecologique de Tantare (nature preserve) and is located in a region that has both active timber markets and significant tourism. Located at the southern boundary of the Laurentian mountain chain in the Jacques-Cartier River basin; the property contains numerous lakes, ponds, rivers and brooks, most notably, Lac Saint – Vincent, Lac Saint Thomas and the Riviere Jacques-Cartier. It lies between 47°00′ and 47°15’ North latitude and between 71°33′ and 71°15′ West longitude.


The first owner of the property was Donnacona Paper Company who bought the major portion of the property in order to supply their paper mill, which was built in 1912. Domtar acquired a portion of the property in 1964 and in 1985 some of the property was exchanged with the Province of Québec, resulting in the creation of the Parc de Conservation de la Jacques Cartier (a conservation park) and the property as it exists today. In 2008, Québec Forestlands purchased the property.

Timber Resource

The forest types on the Jacque-Cartier unit fall into one of four categories: Pure hardwood stands on the property are dominated by yellow birch with a smaller component of sugar maple, and an even smaller component of red maple and American beech. The intolerant hardwood mixed wood type is primarily composed of balsam fir and white birch, consistent with the bioclimatic domain. Tolerant mixed wood stands are primarily composed of balsam fir and yellow birch with a secondary component of white and red spruce, sugar and red maple and American beech. The softwood stands on the Jacques-Cartier Forest are generally located in the northern portion of the property. The species composition of these stands is almost entirely spruce and balsam fir, with a small hardwood component, which is mostly white birch.

Property Documents