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The Harrold Pence Property consists of two separate and distinct tracts totaling 1,233 acres situated approximately 60 miles apart in southern West Virginia.  The Harrold tract is near the town of Iaeger in McDowell County and the Pence tract is near the communities of Talcot and Pence Springs in Summers County. Both tracts are managed as commercial timberland property but also include hunting leases.  Coal and natural gas development occurs on the Harrold tract.  The coal mineral estate belongs to Heartwood. The natural gas estate is not owned by Heartwood.


Property Details

Property Name Pence
State WV
County Summers
Total Acres 1,233.00
Coordinates  N37°30′ W81°42′ and N37°45′ W80°50′
Acquisition Date  2002-03-18
Previous Owner  Carolyn Harrold, Harrold Investments, Tall Trees &
Dominant Forest Type  Appalachian Hardwood
Managing Consultant  Landmark Forestry, LLC
Address P. O. Box 503  Horner, WV – 26372
Phone  (304) 269-4831


The economic area consists of in McDowell, Wyoming and Summers Counties in West Virginia.  The Harrold tract is located southwest of Beckley and the Pence tract lies southeast of Beckley.  The tracts are in largely rural areas with coal, natural gas and timber as the primary natural resources.  Significant land ownership patterns include mining, natural gas production, timber production, agriculture and tourism.  The primary large acreage surface landowners in the area surrounding the tracts include: Pipestem State Park, Bluestone State Park, Western Pocahontas Land, McDonald Land Company, Pardee Curtin Realty, Pocahontas Land Corporation, Robin Land Company and others.  The Harrold tract lies near 37°30′ North latitude and 81°42′ West longitude.  The Pence tract lies near 37°45′ North latitude and 80°50′ West longitude.


The Warren-Simpson Coal and Land Corporation owned the Harrold tract for many years, since at least the 1940’s.  Carolyn Harrold and others acquired the tract and eventually conveyed it to Harrold Investment, L.P in 1999.  The Pence tract is comprised of portions of five separate parcels conveyed to Carl Cavendish in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. This ownership became part of Ram Resources, Inc. and was sold to Tall Trees and Land, LLC in 1999, which then sold the 1275-acre parcel to Heartwood Forestland Fund III in March 2002.

Timber Resource

The forest on the Harrold tract property can generally be considered fair to good quality.  The forest on the Pence tract is considered to be good quality, though young. The forest type for these tracts is the Appalachian Hardwood type which is made up of predominantly mixed-oaks, mixed-maples, beech, hickory, and yellow-poplar.  Minimal harvesting has occurred on these tracts during the past decade.

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