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The Mallery Property is located in north central Pennsylvania, primarily near the towns of Galeton, Smethport, and Coudersport. It is managed as a commercial timberland property but also includes hunting leases, gas leases, and selected tracts open to public access through the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s “Cooperative Forest Program”.

Property Details

Property Name Mallery
State PA
County McKean, Potter, Jefferson, Cameron, Clinton
Total Acres 3,545.00
Coordinates  N48°43’29.44″ W78°07’43057″
Acquisition Date  1998-06-18
Previous Owner  Mallery Lumber
Dominant Forest Type  100% Northern Hardwood
Managing Consultant  Forecon
Address 215 West Main St., PO Box 305 Smethport, PA – 16749
Phone  (814) 887-8731


The primary subject economic area is comprised of McKean, Potter, Clinton, Cameron, and Jefferson Counties. The property is in a largely rural area with several forest products companies nearby. Significant land owenership patterns include mining, natural gas production, timber production, agriculture, and tourism. The primary large acreage landowners in the area surrounding the tracts include: USFS – Allegheny National Foerest, Pennsylvania Game Commission, Pennsylvania State Forests, Kane Hardwoods, and Patterson Lumber Company. Located at the northern end of Allegheny Plateau which is a physiographic region within the Appalachian Mountain chain. It lies between 42°00′ and 41°00’ North latitude and between 78°36′ and 77°35′ West longitude.


Many of the Mallery properties were purchased from the Texas Gulf Minerals and Metals Company who assumedly owned the land for the gas and oil reserves as well as timber. The rest of the tracts were purchased by Mallery Lumber Company, over many years in one or more pieces at a time, mostly for their timber value and management potential. Heartwood Forestland Fund II, purchased over 48,000 acres from Mallery Lumber Company in 1998 and since then has sold several parcels resulting in the current ownership of approximately 13,000 acres.

Timber Resource

The forest types on the Mallery property fall into two hardwood categories: Allegheny Hardwoods (a sub-set of the Northern Hardwoods type) and Appalachian Hardwoods. Allegheny Hardwoods represent over 95% of the current ownership and are made up of predominantly mixed-maples, black cherry, beech, and hemlock. The Appalachian Hardwood type is made up of predominantly mixed-oaks, mixed-maples, beech, hickory, and yellow-poplar. Natural reproduction is quite variable across the property. Forest cover type, stand condition, past cutting practices, deer densities, soils, site index, and competing vegetation have all had a direct influence on the variation of regeneration response. Essentially all of the tracts have been affected by timber harvesting over the past 30 years.

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