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Lonesome Pine

Lonesome Pine Property Map

The Lonesome Pine Property is located in western Virginia, primarily between the towns of Lebanon, Wise, Clintwood and Pound. The property size is approximately 20,534 acres.  It is comprised of parcels ranging in size from 1 to 1,000 acres. It is managed as a commercial timberland property but also includes hunting leases.  Coal and natural gas development occur throughout the property under the rights of the respective estate owners.  The mineral rights do not belong to Heartwood.

Property Details

Property Name Lonesome Pine
State VA
County Dickenson, Wise, Russell
Total Acres 20,534.00
Coordinates N36°57’00” W82°27’00”
Acquisition Date 2006-03-31
Previous Owner ACIN, LLC
Dominant Forest Type Appalachian Hardwood
Managing Consultant The Forest Management Company, LLC
Address P.O. Box 2484, Abingdon, VA – 24212
Phone (276) 676-4404


The economic area is comprised of Dickenson, Russell and Wise Counties.  The property is in a largely rural area with a coal, natural gas and timber as the primary natural resources.  Significant land ownership patterns include mining, natural gas production, timber production, agriculture, and tourism.  The primary large acreage surface landowners in the area surrounding the tracts include: United States Forest Service – Jefferson National Forest, Penn Virginia Coal Company, Dominion Power, Standard Banner Coal Company and others.  Located in Virginia’s western Cumberland Mountains, the property straddles the Southern Appalachian Ridge and Valley, the Cumberland Plateau and Mountain Regions. It lies between 36°52′ and 37°07’ North latitude and between 82°20′ and 82°37′ West longitude.


Heartwood Forestland Fund V purchased the property from Natural Resources Partners,  (NRP) an affiliate of Western Pocahontas Properties in 2006.  The predecessors to NRP include Virginia Iron, Coal, and Coke Company (VICC), which organized in 1902 for the primary purpose of exploiting area coal reserves.  It was under VICC’s ownership that most of the current surface property was assembled.  Property was purchased as surface-only tracts.  Changes to the property, in the form of acquisitions and out-sales, continued until the time of HFFV’s acquisition.

Timber Resource

The forest type on the Lonesome Pine property is the Appalachian Hardwood type which is made up of predominantly mixed-oaks, mixed-maples, beech, hickory, and yellow-poplar.  Natural reproduction is generally successful.  Impacts to successful natural regeneration by white tailed deer browsing are considered minimal. Timber theft, and encroachment by invasive plant species are detrimental to timber management.

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