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Gardeau Property Map

The approximate 8,392-acre Gardeau tract is located in located in north central Pennsylvania, near the towns of Gardeau. It is comprised of 2 tracts; one primary tract of 8,360 acres and a smaller separate tract of approximately ranging in size from 82 acres. It is managed as a commercial timberland property but also includes hunting leases, gas leases, and selected tracts open to public access through the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s “Cooperative Forest Program”. Approximately 3,350 acres are leased to private hunting clubs. There are woods roads throughout the compartment. There are five main access points to the compartment. One is from the main haul road to the Scaffold Lick stand, which leads to SR 155. The second is a temporary right-of-way across the PA Game Commission’s Dividing Ridge road, which leads to SR 46. The remaining 3 access roads are of off TR 470 (Gardeau Road). The road system is in fair to good condition; however, there are several areas that would need to be upgraded if a timber sale is planned.

Property Details

Property Name Gardeau
State PA
County McKean, Cameron, Potter
Total Acres 8,392.00
Coordinates  N41°34’55.74″ W78°15’29.66″
Acquisition Date  2001-10-30
Previous Owner  Mallery Lumber
Dominant Forest Type  100% Northern Hardwood
Managing Consultant  Forecon
Address 215 West Main St., PO Box 305 Smethport, PA – 16749
Phone  (2814) 887-8731


The tract is located in McKean and Cameron Counties and just north of Emporium, PA. The Scaffold Lick tract adjoins the tract on the north border. State Forest land borders to the south and several private landowners border to the east and west. TR470 (Gardeau Road) runs through the eastern side of the compartment.


The Gardeau tract is part of a larger landholding, which was originally owned by The Armstrong Forest Company. Texasgulf purchased the land from Armstong in the early 1970’s. All historic records show that Armstrong Forest Company and Texasgulf practiced good silviculture on the property. Mallery Lumber Company owned the property from the early 1980’s until it was purchased by HFFIII in 2001. Approximately one third of the property had been high-graded by the time HFFIII purchased it.

Timber Resource

The Gardeau Compartment has been broken into ten (10) stands based on timber type, age class, and forest management potential. These stands contain approximately 118 acres of Allegheny hardwood poles; 24 acres of Allegheny hardwood sawtimber; 40 acres of northern hardwoods with a heavy component of hemlock; 4,755 acres of Northern hardwood poles; 2,606 acres of small to medium size Northern hardwood type sawtimber; 320 acres of low volume, poor quality, Northern hardwood type sawtimber; 174 acres of Oak type sawtimber; 166 acres of open/unproductive land; and 258 acres of recently cut Northern hardwood small sawtimber. In general the timber quality appears to be fair. Most of the timber is Northern Hardwood type. Approximately one third of the compartment was high-graded from 1999 until 2001 prior to HFFIII purchasing the property. Most trees 14” and greater were harvested from these areas. The remaining stands contain small to medium size sawtimber, poletimber, and low-grade material. A dense fern cover and dense Striped Maple and/or Beech brush has developed in the understory of many of these stands. These conditions make regeneration of the compartment difficult. Most of the beech trees have a severe case of Beech Bark Disease. These trees will most likely die within the next few years. The remaining two thirds of the Gardeau compartment contains scattered small to medium size sawtimber and poles.

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