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Bright Timberlands

Bright Timberlands Property

The Bright Property consists of4,456 acres scattered throughout the western and central parts of West Virginia and eastern Kentucky. Named tracts range from 106 to 585 acres in size. It is managed as a commercial timberland property but does also includes hunting leases and oil & gas.

Property Details

Property Name Bright Timberlands
State WV, KY
County WV-Wetzel, Tyler, Gilmer, Calhoun, Roane, Putnam, Lincoln, Kanawha, Clay, Nicholas, Raleigh; KY-Elliot
Total Acres 4,456.00
Coordinates N 38° 40′ 40″ W 81° 21′ 7″
Acquisition Date 1999-01-11
Previous Owner Bright Timberlands, LLC
Dominant Forest Type Appalachian upland hardwood
Managing Consultant Landmark Forestry, LLC
Address P.O. Box 205, Horner, WV – 26372
Phone 304)-269-4831


17 tracts are located in Calhoun, Clay, Gilmer, Kanawha, Lincoln, Nicholas, Putnam, Raleigh, Roane, Tyler and Wetzel Counties in West Virginia and Elliott County Kentucky. Almost all 18 compartments are located in rural, low to mid income, blue-collar economic areas. The region’s economy has been based on coal mining, timber production, agriculture and oil and gas. Most adjoining landowners of the Bright Timberlands compartments are employed by gas and oil companies, forest industry companies and some coal companies. Some compartment’s adjacent landowners include large landholding companies, timber companies or coal companies.


These tracts were acquired from Hardwoods of America, Inc. Bright Timberlands, LLC Land Use Corporation and Kentucky Bright Timberlands.  Bright Timberlands owned most of the 19 parcels, for a short period before they were conveyed to Heartwood Forestland Fund II, L.P on January 1999.

Timber Resource

The overall forest type of the Bright Timberlands Property is that of a typical oak hickory forest. Forest cover type, stand condition, past cutting practices, competing vegetation, topography, slope position, aspect and soils all have a direct influence on regeneration. Conditions vary among the subject tracts.


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